Size: 241*161*25 mm
NW: 530g
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1. Two-way voice communication

2. Soft-Touch button operation

3. Support Maximum 2 outdoor stations with 4 indoor monitors

4. Indoor phones can call each other

5. Release door

6. Adjustable Volume, brightness,color and contrast

7. 4-wire installation

8. Black / white color for option

Display 7" color TFT LCD Screen
Monitoring Timer 30 seconds
Talk Timer 120 seconds
Ringtone Timer 30 seconds ringing, 90 seconds waiting
Power consumption <0.5W (standby), <10W (operation)
Temperature -10°C~50°C
Voltage output 15VDC, 1500mA
Dimension 241*161*25 mm
Installation Surface mounted
N.W 530g

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